Friday, December 20, 2013

Cute Penguin Card and Santa's Sleigh!!

Hey Everyone! Happy T.G.I.F and Happy Pajama Day!! for the little ones having their school Christmas parties today! So glad that my favorite day is finally here and that Christmas is only 6 days away. For today's project, I made a cute little penguin card inspired by my daughter's pajamas. I know crazy right?! We bought them for her to wear at the Christmas party today and they were covered in the cutest penguins ever. That's when the light bulb went off inside my head! The only problem I don't own any cutesy stamps. So I did the next best thing , I drew a penguin design based on the one in the pajamas. I did my "faux stamp" technique and the card came out soo cute!! Here's the pic for you to check out:

Isn't he cute?!
I love this card!!
Here's the rundown of what I did:
To start off, I used a double sided piece of blue cardstock as my card base.
This is your standard A2 size card.
I layered a white piece of cardstock on top measuring 3 1/2' x 4 3/4".
The blue layer is cut a 1/4" smaller than the white cardstock and I used my ATG gun to adhere everything to the base.
I wanted to create a wintry scene for my penguin.
To achieve the look I was going for, I used a Stoneware Texture stamp from Design Co. to stamp this snowy background in white ink.
I used my Spica Copic Glitter Pen in Clear to add a little more sparkle to the background.
I cut a 1 1/2" piece of white cardstock to create this little snow bank backdrop for my penguin.
I added some Stardust Stickles along the edge for some additional bling.
Once I had my snow scene complete, I set to work on my Christmas Tree and penguin.
For the penguin, I drew him out on white cardstock.
I used my black pen to go over the pencil lines to darken them for that "faux stamp" look.
I used my watercolor pencils to fill him in and a black marker for the eyes and mouth.
I love the stamp sets that have the coordinating dies that go along with them, so I recreated that look by leaving a white border around my penguin.
It really helps to set him off from the background.
The hat I also drew on white cardstock and colored it in.
 I left a white border but trimmed it along the edge so I could fit it on my penguin's head.
I added some sparkle with my clear glitter pen and a few highlights for the eyes with my white gel pen and my penguin is complete.
I hate to sound like a broken record but he's sooo cute!!
My penguin needed a cute little Christmas tree to go along with him.
So I took a die cut tree and used it as a stencil to trace it onto white cardstock.
I drew this base for the tree to stand in because without it would be the same size as my penguin (2").
The same techniques that were used for the penguin were used on the tree.
I added a few glittery ornaments, embroidery floss tied into a bow and a star to finish the tree off.
I attached the penguin and the tree directly to the background with my ATG gun.
I also added some faux stitching to the card front with my white gel pen and ta-da that completes my card!!!
Here's a pic of the inside of my card.
 I kept it simple by adding a white panel and the sentiment "Merry Christmas" stamped in Bashful Blue ink.
I hope you all enjoyed this cute card I made today!!
 I have a bonus project my sis makes for this time of year for my niece's Kindergarten class.
It's Santa in his sleigh made with different candies and wrapped chocolates.
She's been making these for awhile now and has certainly perfected it.
Here's the pic for you to check out:
Isn't it cute?!
 I was trying my hardest to enlarge this photo a little more but I think Santa needs to bring me some photo editing software.
Heck I've been a good little crafter this year!
Here's a quick rundown of what she used to make this:
She used 2 candy canes for the bottom of the sleigh.
A Kit Kat bar for the base, 6 mini Hershey Kisses for the presents and a chocolate Santa.
A tasty gift any child would love to receive!
Thanks Sis for sharing this with me! :)
I hope you enjoyed these projects for today!! I will end this post here for now and hope you all enjoy the rest of your FRIDAY! people!! Peace!! :)


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