Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Centerpiece made out of What?!

Hey Everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! My weekend was pretty good all things considered. Finally finished all my decorating and shopping for Christmas!! It feels like it took a lot longer this year than last year to get things done. I was able to get some crafting done on Saturday. But my craft area is getting a major overhaul as I type this and I have supplies everywhere. My hubby is building me some custom shelves and storage to keep me organized. Which was a lot easier when I had fewer things but as of late, I've accumulated so much stuff! I keep finding things I didn't even know I had. So while I'm waiting for him to finish up my shelves and such, I have a Christmas centerpiece I made for my dining room table. I loved the Thanksgiving one I made and decided to do one for Christmas. Now, the base I used to make this centerpiece is unconventional. Let's just say I used a few objects I had lying around from Christmases past. Here are the pics of the materials used to create this one of a kind centerpiece:

Is that an old clock?!
Why yes it!
Hubby found this old clock minus its working parts at our local flea market. I used the clock as is.
I thought it would make a good starting point to build my centerpiece on.
A wreath?!
I thought to bring this centerpiece to life it needed some greenery.
Luckily, I had a wreath form that I covered with branch pieces from a fake tree we had. I added some white poinsettias and pinecones (from my Thanksgiving centerpiece) to create this simple wreath.
I took this snowglobe I showcased in a previous post as my focal piece.
Now that I had all my pieces all that was left to do was put it together.
Ta-Da!! Cute centerpiece complete.
Here's how I finished this off:
I laid the wreath on top of the clock after adding a red bead garland for extra color.
For the center, I used a few wooden blocks to elevate the snowglobe. I then covered the center with white tissue paper and sprinkled some fake snow for a wintry look. Lastly, I added a battery powered light strand to the wreath. In person, when this centerpiece is lit the snowglobe seems to glow and it looks like its snowing. 
The effect is stunning!!
And that completes this project for today! I hope you all enjoyed it. I love how it turned out! It just goes to show you that by taking a few items here and there, you can create something that's one of a kind!! I'll end this post here for now and hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!! Peace!! :)

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