Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upcoming Projects...

Hey Everyone! Happy T.G.I.F!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm so glad that it's finally here! :) Halloween is next week and I have been watching all kinds of ghost hunting shows to get myself into a spooky mood. Today we took our daughters to the annual pumpkin patch in our neighborhood. It was really nice and the girls had a ball. That is till my five year old saw all the people in costumes. Someone dressed as the Incredible Hulk passed by her and she totally freaked. Let's just say there were tears, screams, panic, and running. We were able to calm her down and explain to her that Halloween is all about fun and dressing up. She was happy with that explanation and was able to enjoy the festivities.  With an occassional closing of the eyes when someone spooky walked by. Poor baby!

Well enough about my night. I have a few more Halloween projects I'll be working on over the weekend. I have a treat box I'm making for the girls plus a spooky tag. If all goes well , I should be able to post these next week. So I hope you stay tuned for that. I also have the fifth page in my album to work on and I'm brainstorming ideas for Thanksgiving. Time just seems to be flying by. Christmas is only 2 months away! I'll stop here before I start hyperventilating. I think this a good stopping point for this post. I hope you all enjoy your T.G.I.F and Peace! :)

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