Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable Tuesday, despite the drama in Washington. As for me, I'm sorry that I'm posting this late but I've been unusually busy today. I was up late last night watching the final episode of "Breakin Bad" with hubby.  In my opinion, I enjoyed watching the series but the last episode for me anyway lacked oompf! Some of you may disagree but that's my feeling on it. Although it's sad to see this series end, I am pleased to report that my other favorite series, Revenge and Once Upon a Time are back on schedule. Yippee!!!!

Enough about that, an idea struck me yesterday while cleaning out my paper drawer. I will make a scrapbook page and it will be AWESOME!  Maybe that's not exactly how it went.  But anyway, I found some pretty pattern papers in varying shades of blue that I thought would make a perfect scrapbook page or layout. I then found some heavy duty brown cardstock I could use as a base and some green paper to add another element of color. So, with that in mind I set about my task. Now bear in mind that, when I scrapbook I don't draw out what I want my page to look like. I kinda just picture how I want it to look and try to achieve it. Here is a pic of what I've been able to do thus far:

Pay no attention to the mess on the table. Like I said, it's a work in progress.

I used a few techniques like stamping for the blue layer, doodling with a white gel pen and adding 3D stamped butterflies. I also did some doodling on the brown cardstock to add a touch of white to the page.

I also added some embroidery floss and tabs in coordinating colors to add interest.
I added some more butterflies going up the sides of the two photo mats. I used a white gel pen to add polka dots to the wings of the butterflies and sprinkled a few rhinestones for some bling. All that's left to do is add a title and then my page is complete.
So far, I feel the page is looking good. I kept the design of the layout pretty simple and by using different techniques, I have a unique one of a kind page that I created myself. 
Don't be afraid to change up the way you scrap or craft. Each scrapbook is as unique as the individual who created it. Add a few techniques here and there to make your pages stand out. I hope you enjoyed this page I created.
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and Peace! 


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