Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Centerpiece!

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend filled with lots of crafts! My weekend was good and for this post today I have a centerpiece I made for our holiday table. Now, I thought I was on a roll after my previous projects went together smoothly. I made placecards, a decorative frame and napkin holders. I figure I'll make a centerpiece and have it completed in a day. Little did I know that crafter's block would set in. This centerpiece took me the whole weekend to create with numerous changes to the design. The floral arrangment was changed 6 times. The filler for the vase went from raffia to burlap to what's pictured here. The sides of the box had leaves and ribbon before I changed it to this flourish element. And the list of changes goes on. I was finally at my wit's end and figured this centerpiece was never gonna get done. My hubby sugggested we take a trip to a local flea market. Let me tell you that was exactly what I needed to get those creative juices flowing. And the final result is one that I'm proud of.  Here's the pic:

I love it!
I was finally able to pull this centerpiece together. For me, the fall colors are what draws your eye in. A few additions of white in the candles and flowers brightens it up just enough. Here's a quick run down of what I did:

The base for this centerpiece is a 12 x 12 wooden box my hubby made for me. He gave it a wash of white paint and I added a 3" die cut flourish to the sides.  He also cut out a few square pieces of wood that I used to add height and dimension to the vase and candles.  I cut a piece of burlap to fit the interior of the box. I used brown rice (but sand could have been used if I had some) to camouflage the wooden squares and give a base to the other elements. The candles, flowers, pinecones, and gourds used in this centerpiece were purchased from my local Dollar General.  I arranged the candles on either side of the vase. A gold striped ribbon from WalMart tied around the candle base completes the look. I took the gourds, pinecones and flowers and arranged them along the bottom. For the vase, I used a combo of black eyed peas and corn kernels as filler. This combo gave me enough give to arrange the flowers in and hold them upright. To start off, I added the scarecrow to the inside of the vase but kept it towards the back. I then arranged my flowers to fill in the front. I used a gold shimmer mist on the flowers to add some sparkle. And ta-da, there you have it. A centerpiece to give that holiday turkey some competition.

Here are a few more pics for you to see:

I hope you all enjoyed this project. It was a challenge to create but the results speak for themselves. I will end this post here and stay tuned for more Thanksgiving themed projects to come. Peace!! :)

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