Friday, February 7, 2014

"Chalkboard Valentine's Cards" !!

Hey Everyone!! Happy T.G.I.F!! Soooo happy that FRIDAY is here, FINALLY!! This week felt so long I thought it would never end! It doesn't help that Winter has been kicking everyone in the pants showing us who's boss. Before you could go to the warmer climes down south but Winter figured out our scheme and said "Oh No, you don't! You can't hide from me no more!!" Because even down here, you'll freeze your butt off. But enough about Winter's tantrums and onward to today's project! Yeah! I was on Pinterest yesterday looking for card ideas to make for my three favorite Valentine's, when I came across this pic and the light bulb went off in my head!

Hmm, I thought this would make an awesome card that I could reproduce!
So I created "Chalkboard Valentine's" for my family and used their favorite colors as card bases.
I love the look of chalkboard but this is my first attempt at recreating it.
I think the cards came out nice but I'll let you decide.
Here's the pic for you to check out:

To create this card, I worked on the chalkboard sentiment panel first.
I grabbed a few stamp sets and picked the sentiments I thought would work best together.

The "X&O's", "Hugs and Kisses", "Big Hugs" and "Love" all came from the CardzTV stamp set "Encouraging Thoughts".
I used two Studio G stamp sets for the ""Sending My Love", "Be Mine", "I Love You" and the hearts.
The "Sweetie" sentiment I took from a Recollections set called "Sweet Treats".
Once I had all my sentiments picked out, I set to work putting them together on a stamp press.
I used the "I Love You" image as my main focal point and used the other sentiments to fill the area around it as best I could.
This took some trial and error and the use of my scissors for trimming.

*I would say this part took the longest only because you have to fiddle around with the placement of everything till you get it the way you want.*

Once I had everything placed the way I wanted, I took some Stampin Up Craft White ink and stamped the image onto a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" piece of black cardstock.
I used my heat gun to dry the ink and used my Embossing Buddy bag from Stampin Up to lightly dust the stamped image for that chalkboard look.
I also stamped a small heart on red cardstock, double embossed it in clear, cut it out and added it to the panel for a little pop of color.
To finish off my panel, I rounded the opposite corner, added some faux stitching, and attached it to the card bases with foam tape.

For the card bases, I took three 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of cardstock in pink, blue and green and cut it down to 4 x 8".
When folded in half, this creates a 4 x 4" square card. 

And ta-da! cards complete!!

I hope you all enjoyed this project for today!
I had a blast recreating this chalkboard look and I'll probably go back and add just a few more accents here and there.
I'll end this post here for now so you can enjoy the rest of your T.G.I.F!!!
Peace!! :)

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