Thursday, September 1, 2016

Expanding my Crafty Horizons: Handmade Bluebird of Happiness Sock Plushie!

Hey everyone, happy Thursday to you all! I hope your having an awesome day! On the blog today, I have an adorable sock plushie that I made. Now I have never made a plushie before but leave it to YouTube to inspire me to make one. Luckily I had the supplies needed for this project in my craft room. I used a fluffy sock, some felt, needle and thread, a marker and pastels to create my bluebird of happiness plush. This was a really fun project to make and I hope to make a few more to share with you.
                                                  Here are the pics for you to check out:

I used fiberfill to stuff my plushie, E6000 glue for the eyes and a black marker to add eyelashes.

And ta-da! Sock Plushie complete!

I hope you enjoyed this project for today!
I hope I have inspired you to "expand your crafty horizons" and try a new project or technique for yourself.
You might be surprised by what you create! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!! :)



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