Monday, January 19, 2015

Jiggery Makery Monday Post featuring the "Stacey" Digi!!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! I'm back with another post for the Jiggery Makery Design Team.
This time around instead of creating a project featuring the newest digital image, "Stacey", I chose to focus on the image itself.
I wanted to share with you the techniques I used to bring her to life. 

 Adele offers a variety of these gorgeous pin up inspired images in her etsy store. 
They are all beautiful and unique in their own way, plus they are all hand drawn by Adele.
So make sure to stop by the Jiggery Makery etsy store to check them out.

For this newest digi, I did a little research on Pinterest beforehand.
I looked up vintage pin up girl images to see how they were colored in.
I wanted to try a different color combo and adding darker shadows to the skin.
I like how the image turned out in the end but I'll let you decide that for yourself.

Here's the pic for you to check out:

For her skin, I started off using the darkest color, Dusky Pink ProMarker, first.
I usually do the opposite, light to dark.
This time around I wanted to preserve the shadows, so I used the Dusky Pink to outline and fill some of the areas of her skin.
I then went in with my FS1 Spectrum Noir marker to blend out the shadows and fill the image in.
If an area was too light, I would go back in with my darker shade to reapply color to those areas.
I used my CR3 Spectrum Noir marker to add some color to her cheeks and my YR03 Copic marker for her eyes.
Once I had the skin looking the way I wanted, I turned my attention to the hair.

I used the same color combo that I use on all the images I color.
For the highlights, I use my Tan Spectrum Noir marker.
I just add this lightest color to the areas I feel the light would be hitting.
For the medium shade, I turn to my Cinnamon Spectrum Noir marker.
I usually fill in the hair with this color, just stopping short of the highlights I've added.
For my darker shade, I use my Burnt Sienna Spectrum Noir marker.
I try to concentrate this color towards the bottom but I do use it along the sections of hair.
After I have my dark color added, I go back in with the medium shade to blend it out towards the center.
And finally, I use the lightest shade to blend it a little more and to soften any harsh lines.
With the skin and hair filled in, it was time to work on her outfit.

After viewing the images on Pinterest, I saw that the black was the most common color used.
So I turned to my C0 Copic markers to fill in the bra and undies.
I used a color combo of C03, C06 and C09.
I wanted to add some extra detail to the undies and the easiest way I found to do this is to add some lace trim.
I cut a few pieces of black lace trim I had and used my Tacky glue to adhere them in place.
You could certainly color in the trim using your alcohol markers.
But I like the look and texture that the lace adds to the image.
 With her outfit complete, it was time to work on the stockings and robe.

Now here is where the process becomes a bit tedious.
You certainly don't have to follow the steps I used, you can use whatever techniques or materials you have available.
I wanted to experiment with different materials to bring this image to life.
First step is the stockings.
Going back to the images I researched, light grey stockings was a recurrent theme.
Now how to recreate that sheer look that stockings give without using my alcohol markers.
The answer: Vellum.
I water colored a small area using a grey water color marker.
I tried using my C03 marker for this technique but I didn't like the way the vellum looked after it was dry.
Water coloring produced the soft effect I was going for.
Once the vellum was filled in and dry, I placed it over the image, colored side down, and lightly traced over the legs.
I then darkened the lines with a fine tip black marker and fussy cut them out.
I then added some lace trim along the top and adhered it to the legs, placing the glue along the lace.

I like how the vellum mimics the look and appearance of a real stockings.
And for the garters, I used my C0 Copic markers to color them in.

I used the same techniques, described above to create the robe.
I water colored the vellum, traced out the robe sections, cut it out and added the trim.
But instead of using lace, I used a few layers of Chinese braid in black and just glued the trim around the curves of the image.
As a final touch, I die cut a heart from some pink glitter paper and adhered it down.

And ta-da!! Girl complete!!

I hope you enjoyed this project for today!
I apologize for the lengthy post but I wanted to make sure I didn't leave any steps out.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your day and Peace!! :) 

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