Sunday, October 26, 2014

Creepy Doll Makeover!!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are having a very relaxing Sunday!! For today's post, I'm showcasing a project I did with my girls. It's definitely out of the box, creepy and just perfect to adorn our porch for Halloween.
The best part was being able to create this with my girls.
We definitely wanted to go with a creepier theme for our decorations this year, usually we do the cutesy stuff.
But with a tennage daughter, I thought changing this year's theme would get her interested and involved.
So, I took a Baby Alive doll, that belonged to my youngest, and with some gesso and paint, we created a one of a kind design piece.
Here is the before pic of the doll:

Here's the After pic:

We purchased this doll for my daughter from a local yard sale, so she was already looking a little rough around the edges.
We painted the arms, face, and legs with gesso.
I took some grey paint, watered it down and sponged it on the doll.
I also spoinged on some paint underneath the eyes and around the hairline.
We then took some red paint mixed with a little brown, and added tears to the doll's face.
My oldest daughter painted in the lips and sponged the tips of the hands and feet.
My youngest daughter cut up and tore an old baby doll dress she had.
I took the dress outside and literally dragged it through the dirt to give that aged look.

To finish off the doll, I painted the entire surface of the eyes with gesso.
I then blacked out them using some black acrylic paint.
I took some green hair chalk and added it to the doll's hair.
And lastly, a few coats with a clear sealer to protect the paint from the elements.

And ta-da!! creepy doll complete!!

I hope you enjoyed this project for today!!
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and Peace!! :)

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