Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hey Everyone! I am relieved to report that my camera was found yesterday, unfortunately, I will not disclose where it was found to save myself the embarrassment. I had a busy night uploading my crafty pics like crazy. Today, I decided to post some pics of christmas tags I have made. These tags were inspired by an awesome magazine I picked up last week, Holiday Crafts from Bettter Homes and Gardens. This mag was chock full of crafty ideas from halloween to christmas. Here are the ones I made:

The snowman and christmas tree tags were inspired by the mag but I tweaked the designs according to the tools I had available on hand.
The santa and christmas tree tags did not come from the mag. I designed these myself and even used patterned paper that I also made.
The snowman and christmas ornaments were inspired by the mag but again I tweaked the designs to make them my own.
Later on, I will post the pics of the tags I used for inspiration. These tags took no time at all maybe, 20-30 mins at best. I was able to do these while the kids were at school. I wanted to make these to use for presents this year but instead of hiding them from my children, I displayed them proudly. All I need is for my 5 year old to think I work for Santa cause he used my tags for her gifts. For you parents out there, you know that for a child nothing is more sacred than Santa himself. To get back on topic, I want to mention that you can find inspiration for crafts from just about anywhere. I know that seems to be a recurring theme with crafters but it's a FACT. Take for example, the snowman and christmas ornaments tags, just a few changes made them more my style. For the snowman tag I used premade tags that were smaller than the ones they used in the mag. I chamged the background paper, used a different ribbon and embossed the snowman. The key is to work with what you have. That's something to remember the next time you find something that inspires you and you want to recreate. It can be as simple as changing the paper, changing the size, adding different embellishments, using different stamps, color theme, etc. There really is no end to the different possibilities and results you can achieve by adopting this philosophy: PUT A LITTLE OF YOURSELF INTO WHAT YOU MAKE. In the end, it'll give you such a feeling of accomplishment and joy when someone sees your work and is surprised that you were able to make something so beautiful. That's the feeling I get everytime I craft. Wow! I think I almost shed a tear writing all that not sure if its cause my hand is cramping up from typing so much or just the sentiment behind it. All jokes aside though, I meanevery word of it. I will leave it off here but just remember that inside us all there is a crafter waiting to be unleashed. Have a great Thursday and Peace!

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