Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a Great Thursday! My Thursday was pretty good! I finished that "Work in Progress" scrapbook layout I started in the beginning of the week. And I also had time to make a few more christmas tags. So suffice it to say it was a very productive day. I even watched a few episodes of one my favorite shows, " Nashville". I don't really listen to country music but I Love, Love the show.

 Here are pics of the finished layout I did:

I like the way this page turned out. I showcased a variety of techniques to achieve this look.
There's stamping, rhinestones, doodling, die cut elements, embroidery floss, and some faux chipboard lettering. I like the color scheme of blue, green and brown and feel that they work well together. But I feel like it needed something more.

This pic is a close up photo of the title. The sentiment "Butterfly Kisses" I cut out of my Cricut from the George and Basic Shapes Font cartridge. I glued down the letters to an empty box and cut them out using my craft knife. This part of the layout I found time consuming. It took me a while to cut out each letter and in the end, the result is ok. I found the idea for the faux chipboard on YouTube. Would I do it again? Probably not. I think in this instance it"s probably cheaper to buy chipboard letters. The mat behind the letters I had to stamp twice cause I smeared it the first time. I did add 3d stamped butterflies, some rhinestones and doodling to complete the look.

Here is a side view of the page. To adhere all my layers, I use my ATG gun and Scotch Quick Dry adhesive. I love using my ATG gun, but if you're gonna make 12x12 layouts all the time you will run out of tape quickly. My husband was able to get me 6 rolls of adhesive for a good price on Ebay. I've also heard that has good deals on adhesive as well.
I do recommend the Scotch adhesive. It dries quickly and has a good strong bond.
I wish I would've used a fourth color on this page. I feel that in some areas it needed something bright. It gets a little dark and matchy matchy in some places. But lesson learned. I think I will try doing this page again with a different color scheme and minus the faux chipboard.
That's the beauty of crafting. There really is no right or wrong way to do things, it's whatever is pleasing to the eye. In the end, our own worst critic is ourselves.
I will end this post here and tomorrow I will put up the pics of the christmas tags I made.
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their evening and Peace!

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