Thursday, October 10, 2013

Countdown to Weekend Bliss Begins

Hey Everyone! Happy Thursday to all! The weekend is almost here and I can't wait! I'm looking forward to sleeping in for an extra hour or two. If you're a parent, you know that sleep is a commodity that's hard to come by. So I relish the thought of the week finally coming to a close so I can rest. I also get to stay up a little later and craft till I can't craft no more. While I begin the countdown to weekend bliss in my head, I finished the Halloween layout I mentioned in yesterday's post. Here are the pics:

I love the look of this page. It's monochromatic with the black and white patterned paper, but the touches of orange throughout the page makes it pop. It has a folk art type of feel. It has the title, photo mat (to which a photo will be added later. Once I stop hoarding them on my computer) and the banners can be used for journaling. The hardest part for me with this layout was the medallion shape I cut out of the orange and patterned papers. I got the stencil from the mag I mentioned a few posts back.  Getting them to line up so they would fit nicely on the page was CHALLENGING! But I was able to make it work to achieve the final look.
A side view pic of the page.
 This witch came from the Better Homes and Gardens mag I bought. This stencil was meant to be enlarged and embroidered on a pillow. But I used the stencil as is and paper pieced her together. I added some paper rosettes I made to decorate her dress and stickled them.Some faux stitching and a crow on her shoulder completes the look.
I added these three pumpkins I got from the Cricut Craft room. They were cut at 2" but I freehanded smaller ones to fit the page. I cut the stems from each one and reattached them. The black and orange pumpkins have faux stitching and the patterned one has stickles. I added a spider with wire legs to the pumpkins for a 3D effect. Making the spider actually skivved me out and I am sure I will never make it again. I am a card carrying member to the arachnophobia society! Cool effect but creepy.
Side Note: I made faux chipboard pieces out of the witch and pumpkins. It's a great technique for images but not for lettering.
The title of the page I made using letters I cut from a ColorBok paper stack "Chateau Noir". I thought it fit in with page quite nicely. I adhered them to orange cardstock I cut into banners. As you can see there are two more spiders framing the title.
I enjoyed making this layout and hope you do as well. I have a few more projects that I'm working on and hopefully I can post those soon.
I will end this post here and hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! Peace!

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